Founding of The Dental Council of Thailand

The Dental Council of Thailand is a juristic person established on September 6th, 1994 under the dental profession act of 2537 (BE).


  1. To promote research, education, and the dental profession.
  2. To promote unity and to uphold the honor of our members.
  3. To protect the rights, ensure justice, and promote the benefits of dental practitioners.
  4. To regulate the conduct of dental practitioners in accordance with the dental ethics code.
  5. Assist, recommend, and promote the public and other organizations on matters related to dentistry and dental public health.
  6. To provide guidance and advice to the government on dental and dental public health matters.
  7. To represent dental practitioners in Thailand.

Roles and duties of the Thai Dental Council

  1. Process the registration and applications for dental practitioners.
  2. Investigate and provide judgement when dental practitioners are accused of violating the dental ethics code. The following judgements can be issued
    1. Exoneration
    2. Issuance of a warning
    3. Issuance a probation
    4. Temporary suspension of a dental license not exceeding a maximum of 2 years
    5. Permanent revocation of a dental license
  3. Certify dental certificates and degrees issued by recognized dental schools in order for the recipient to be a member of the Dental Council of Thailand.
  4. Certify specialist curriculums and certificates hosted by recognized dental schools.
  5. Certify the academic standing of dental schools mentioned in (4).
  6. Issue specialist certificates of the recognized specialist boards.
  7. Carry out the duties of the Dental Council in accordance with its objectives.

Definition of dentistry

  1. A profession that provides treatment on human beings.
  2. Performs examinations, diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of
    1. Dental diseases
    2. Organ diseases related to teeth
    3. Organ diseases in the oral cavity
    4. Diseases of the jaw and maxillofacial bones
  3. Surgery and other forms of treatment to restore the oral organs and maxillofacial jaw bones.
  4. Treatment of teeth in the oral cavity.

The Dental Council board is comprised of 46 members from three sources.

  1. Members by position (18)
    1. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Health (1)
    2. President of the the Thai Dental Association (1)
    3. Deans of the Faculty of Dentistry (16)
  2. Members by appointment from three ministries (5)
    1. Ministry of Public Health (3)
    2. Ministry of Defense (1)
    3. Ministry of Interior (1)
  3. Elected members (23)