The Establishment of the Dental Council

The Dental Council was founded in 1994 under the "Dental Treatment Profession Act B.E.2527".


The Dental Council is committed to;

  1. Promote the study, research and practice in dental treatment profession;
  2. Promote the solidarity and uphold the honor of its members;
  3. Uphold the rights, fairness and promote the welfare for its members;
  4. Control the behavior of the dental professionals according to the code of professional conduct;
  5. Assist, advocate, publicize and educate public and other organization regarding dentistry and dental health;
  6. Advise the Government and put forward for consideration about dentistry and public dental health;
  7. Represent the dental professionals in Thailand

Obligation and responsibility

  1. Register and issue professional license
  2. In cases where a dental professional is charged with or held responsible for malpractice, the Council will be the judge and will have the power to;
    2.1 Remove the charge or the incrimination
    2.2 Reprimand;
    2.3 Suspend such person from duty;
    2.4 Suspend the professional license for an appropriate term but not exceeding two years
    2.5 Revoke the professional license of such person
  3. Certify degrees or certificates in dentistry and other institutions' diplomas in dentistry for the benefit of applying for a member of the Dental Council.
  4. Certify the professional training courses in different fields of dentistry for other dental institutions.
  5. Certify the academic status of said institutions in (2.4.).
  6. Issue permissions or diplomas of competency in different fields of dentistry and other appropriate certificates in dentistry.
  7. Operate in accordance with the objectives of the Dental Council.

The Definition of Dental Profession

The Dental Treatment Profession Act B.E.2527 defines the meaning of "Dental Profession" as (1.1).
The Dental Council Board of Trustees consists of trustees from 3 different sectors, the sixth term (2010-2013):

  1. Direct trustees:
    1.1 Permanent-Secretary for Ministry of Public Health
    1.2 President of the Dental Association of Thailand
    1.3 Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry (from 9 different universities in Thailand)
  2. Trustees appointed from 3 Ministries
    2.1 Ministry of Public Health
    2.2 Ministry of Defence
    2.3 Ministry of Interior Total of 16 direct and appointed trustees
  3. Trustees voted by members of the Dental Council A total numbers of trustee by vote shall be equal to the number of direct and appointed ones (1+2) = 16 persons